Cases Mate

Case Mate is on of the industry’s oldest and well known brand of cases cell phone cases and electronic devices and accessories. The company has been steadily growing hand in hand with the rapidly developing technologies. It has pioneered the industry in its innovative approach offering to:

  • Edgy & ergonomic design

  • Partnership with great brands

  • Customized options

  • Cutting edge materials and technology

  • Ultimate protection for devices

  • Lifetime warranty

Cell phones and devices have become one of the most used accessories accompanying us from the waking moment throughout the working hours into the late evening - when we check on the last batch of news or post the last post of the day on the instagram, and of course likes after it. As it accompanies it is being carried, dropped, scratched, getting in contact with things in purses or jean back pocket and even dropped in water. As our almost single treasured possession, it needs ultimate protection.

Protect Your Phone in Style

Engineers at Case Mate have come up with the solutions for cases that help withstand hard wear and tear, while being ergonomic and stylish. They have developed the technology that will protect your phone even if dropped from the height of 10 feet. Most of the cases are certified Military strength impact protection*. Not to mention that they cater to the tastes of all clients - from conservative to design forward.

The design options are truly endless with popular style trends and colors in mind. The Waterfall collection will offer you the dynamic snow globe effect design, wile Karat collection features real flower petals encased in clear case. There is no limit to colors and material options but if you want to show off the beauty of your device Tough Clear might do just the trick!

Unlimited Color Options! Durable Materials - Casemate offers Ultimate protection for your device!

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